Any 4 Knives Sharpened for $20.00 - Offer Ends September 30, 2023

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Whether it's for culinary mastery or outdoor adventures, our hand sharpening techniques ensure a keen edge for any blade. Below are the types of knives we specialize in and our pricing:

Kitchen Knives

  • Single Bevel:
    Suited for precise, delicate cuts, our sharpening technique restores and maintains the asymmetrical edge to perfection.
  • Double Bevel:
    Ensure consistent and effortless cuts every time with our precise sharpening method tailored for double-beveled blades.
  • Serrated:
    Revitalize the unique toothed edge of your bread and tomato knives for smooth, easy slicing.

Outdoor Survival & Hunting Knives

Designed for the challenges of the great outdoors, our service ensures your blade remains razor-sharp, whether you're setting up camp, navigating the wilderness, or tracking game. From survival scenarios to hunting expeditions, trust our expertise to prepare your knife for any adventure.

Pocket Knives

  • Everyday Carry (EDC): [Your Price Here]
    Keep the tools you rely on daily razor-sharp. Ideal for tasks ranging from opening packages to self-defense.
  • Collectors' Pieces: [Your Price Here]
    Treasured keepsakes deserve meticulous care. Whether vintage or modern, we ensure your collector's pocket knife retains its pristine edge and value.

Special Bundle: Sharpen any 4 knives of your choice for just $20!


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