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Has your trusty folding knife seen better days? Whether it’s been dropped in the mud or the wooden handles are looking worn and in need of some tender loving care, I’ve got you covered. At [Your Business Name], I offer comprehensive disassembly, cleaning, rust abatement, oiling, and sharpening services to breathe new life into your folding knife.

Disassembly and Deep Cleaning

Every folding knife brought to me undergoes a meticulous disassembly process. Each component is carefully taken apart to ensure no dirt, grime, or debris is left behind. Using specialized cleaning solutions and techniques, I remove all the contaminants that can affect the performance and longevity of your knife.

Rust Abatement

Rust can be a knife’s worst enemy, leading to deterioration and reduced functionality. I employ advanced rust abatement methods to eradicate any signs of corrosion, ensuring your knife not only looks better but also functions smoothly. This process is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of your folding knife.

Oiling and Lubrication

Proper lubrication is essential for the optimal performance of any folding knife. After cleaning and rust abatement, each component is thoroughly oiled using high-quality lubricants. This step ensures that your knife operates smoothly, with reduced friction and wear on the moving parts. Well-lubricated knives are more reliable and last longer.

Sharpening and Edge Restoration

A sharp knife is a safe knife. I bring your folding knife back to its best condition with precision sharpening techniques. Using professional sharpening tools, I restore the blade’s edge to its original sharpness, making it ready for any task. Whether you need a keen edge for outdoor adventures or everyday tasks, I guarantee a razor-sharp finish.

Wood Handle Restoration

Wood handles require special care to maintain their beauty and functionality. I treat wooden handles with the finest oils and conditioners to restore their natural luster and protect them from future damage. This not only improves the appearance of your knife but also ensures a comfortable and secure grip.

Why Choose Sharp On Sight?

  • Expertise: With years of experience, I’ve handled a wide range of folding knives, from vintage collectibles to modern EDC tools.
  • Quality: I use only the best products and techniques to ensure your knife is restored to its optimal condition.
  • Personalized Service: Every knife is unique, and I treat each one with the care and attention it deserves.Ever drop your folding knife in the mud? Or do your wood handles need a little TLC? You can rest assured knowing that I have seen and done it all before.

I will disassemble, clean, oil and sharpen to restore any folding knife to it's best condition. 


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