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Experience precision and power with every chop. Our sharpening service restores and refines your cleaver's edge for effortless slicing.

Transform your cleaver from merely functional to phenomenally precise. Ideal for chefs and butchers, our service not only sharpens to perfection but also treats carbon steel blades with a protective layer of food-grade mineral oil, safeguarding against rust and ensuring your cleaver is ready for whatever you throw at it — or whatever you're chopping down to size.

  • 40-50 degree angle - good for bone and tendon processing
  • 20-25 degree angle - good for all purpose
  • 17-20 degree angle - good for vegetables and fine chopping

Sharp in 24 Hours Or Less

Ready for Razor-Sharp Precision?

Whether you're looking for a quote or just have a question, I'm here to help. Reach out, and let's bring those edges back to life!