The magical secret to finding the best tasting ingredients hinges on the quality of your kitchen knives cutting edge.

When your knife is sharp enough you can discover the different flavor profiles in everyday ingredients. Let me explain.

To bring out the strongest garlic flavor, you have to process it down as thin or minced as humanly possible. This means in order to accomplish this extremely fine garlic, you need an incredibly sharp kitchen knife. Not only does it make the task easier, it also releases the flavors that are trapped within.
Often, the first lesson culinary students learn is that different cutting techniques by hand lead to a variety of flavor profiles. The real reason why certain cuts unfold the locked in, hidden tastes is a head scratcher to many, including scientists.
It's all about how you are cooking that will penetrate finely chopped vegetables and bring out the complex flavors that saturate all of the ingredients in your dish. The thickness of your produce (or meat) has more of an impact on your palate than you might suspect. Butter, salt, and marinades will all infuse better when you use those expert knife skills.
The biggest secret of all is that you don't need expensive knives to get a great cutting edge. Even throwaway knives can have an impressively sharp edge, but the steel may not hold that edge for very long. You can have your knives professionally sharpened to make sure you are creating the best flavor profiles for you and your family.

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