Comprehensive Review of the Honey Badger Large Drop Point Knife in 8cr13Mov – Best Budget EDC Knife 2024?

Maxlvledc presents a thorough review of the Honey Badger Large Drop Point Knife in 8cr13Mov. In this review, Maxlvledc highlights the knife as an excellent option for those seeking a durable and affordable EDC tool.

The Honey Badger Large Drop Point Knife stands out with its robust build. The blade is designed to be stout, featuring a full flat grind that ensures a thin edge while maintaining a strong tip. Its ergonomic design is complemented by a deep carry pocket clip, which tucks neatly under the scale for a sleek appearance.

Despite the FRN handles being smoother than expected, the knife offers multiple deployment methods, including a flipper tab, reverse flick, and thumb flick, making it versatile and user-friendly. Maxlvledc emphasizes that this knife is designed for real-world use, capable of handling everything from daily tasks to tougher jobs without hesitation.

The Honey Badger Large Drop Point Knife offers excellent value, outperforming many similarly priced models from other brands. While there are minor issues, such as a bit of lock bar stick and sharp edges on the jimping, these are easily fixable and do not detract from the knife's overall performance.

Maxlvledc expresses excitement about the upcoming releases featuring 14C28N steel, which are expected to provide even better performance and durability. For now, the Honey Badger Large Drop Point Knife in 8cr13Mov is highly recommended as a reliable and affordable EDC knife.

Check out Maxlvledc's video to see the Honey Badger in action and discover why it might be the perfect addition to any collection!

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