Choosing Your Edge: An In Depth Comparison of the Top Knife Sharpening Stone Kits

When it comes to maintaining the edge and performance of your knives, selecting the right sharpening system is crucial. Whether you're a professional chef, an avid home cook, or an outdoor enthusiast, a sharp knife is a must for efficient and safe cutting tasks. With numerous options available, it can be challenging to decide which knife sharpening stone kit is best suited for your needs. In this guide, we'll explore three top-rated sharpening systems that have consistently received high praise from users and experts alike: Work Sharp, Edge Pro, and Wicked Edge. Each system offers unique features and benefits, catering to different preferences and sharpening requirements.

1. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

The Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener is renowned for its versatility and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned sharpeners. This system utilizes flexible abrasive belts and a precision sharpening guide to ensure a consistently sharp edge every time. What sets the Work Sharp apart is its ability to sharpen a wide variety of tools beyond just kitchen knives, including scissors, garden tools, and even lawnmower blades.


  • User-friendly, suitable for beginners.
  • Versatile, capable of sharpening a wide range of tools.
  • Quick and efficient sharpening process.


  • May not be the best choice for those seeking to practice traditional stone sharpening techniques.
  • The use of belts might require replacements over time.

2. Edge Pro Apex Sharpening System

The Edge Pro Apex is a precision sharpening system designed for those who appreciate the art of sharpening with stones but desire more control and consistency. This system uses a series of water stones that vary in grit, allowing for meticulous edge refinement. The Edge Pro Apex features an adjustable angle guide, ensuring that you maintain the correct angle throughout the sharpening process. This kit is especially popular among culinary professionals and knife enthusiasts who demand razor-sharp edges.


  • High degree of control and precision.
  • Adjustable angle guide for consistent results.
  • Accommodates a wide variety of knife sizes and styles.


  • Higher learning curve compared to more automated systems.
  • More time-consuming process.

3. Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener

Wicked Edge stands out for its unparalleled precision and quality. Designed for those who demand the utmost in sharpness and edge durability, this system uses diamond stones to achieve an exceptionally fine edge. The Wicked Edge system clamps the knife in place, allowing for sharpening of both sides of the blade simultaneously. It offers a wide range of angle adjustments, catering to various knife geometries and personal preferences. The system's robust construction and the quality of materials make it a long-lasting investment for serious sharpeners.


  • Exceptional precision and edge quality.
  • Durable construction and high-quality materials.
  • Ability to sharpen both sides of the blade simultaneously.


  • Premium price point.
  • Requires more setup time compared to simpler systems.


Choosing the right knife sharpening stone kit depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. The Work Sharp system is ideal for those looking for versatility and ease of use. The Edge Pro Apex offers more control and precision for enthusiasts of traditional stone sharpening. Lastly, the Wicked Edge provides unmatched precision and quality for professionals and serious hobbyists willing to invest in top-tier equipment. No matter which system you choose, investing in a quality knife sharpening kit is essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of your knives.

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