How It Works

Drop Off - Next Day Pickup

Our "Drop Off - Next Day Pickup" service is perfect for those with a busy schedule. Here's how it's designed for your convenience:

  1. Location for Drop Off: Visit me at 215 E Main St, Sun Prairie. You'll find our secure drop box just inside the front door, as shown in the pictures.
  2. Leave Your Contact Information: Use the cards provided to leave your contact details. A pencil is conveniently hanging there for your use. Indicate where you would like to be contacted once your knives are sharpened, either by phone or email. 
  3. Secure Code for Pickup: Once your knives are ready, I will contact you with a unique code. This code will allow you to retrieve your items from the drop box.
  4. Payment Made Easy: You can leave cash in the yellow envelope inside the drop box when you pick up. 
  5. Flexible Pickup Times: Your sharpened knives will be ready for pickup anytime between 8 am and 8 pm the next day, allowing you to collect them at your convenience.

This service offers an effortless and efficient way to ensure your knives are professionally sharpened, even amidst a busy lifestyle. Drop off your knives, go about your day, and pick them up sharpened the next day!

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