Bear & Son Large Slip Joint Knife

Introducing the Bear & Son Large Slip Joint – a masterpiece of precision engineering and bold aesthetics, designed for those who demand both functionality and flair in their pocket tools. 🌟 This compact powerhouse measures an impressive 3.88" (9.86cm) when closed, making it the perfect companion for your pocket, pack, or purse.
Featuring a 2.38" (6.05cm) blade of satin finish high carbon stainless steel, this knife is not just a tool; it's a statement. The blade's material ensures enduring sharpness and resistance to corrosion, guaranteeing that it stands up to the challenges of daily use with grace and grit.
But what truly sets the Bear & Son Large Slip Joint apart is its vibrant orange aluminum handle. Not only does it make a bold visual statement, but it also offers durability and a lightweight grip, ensuring that this knife feels as good in the hand as it looks to the eye. 🍊
Equipped with a lanyard hole, thumb pull, and pocket clip, this knife is as versatile as it is visually striking. The lanyard hole allows for easy attachment to gear or a keychain, ensuring your knife is always within reach. The thumb pull offers effortless opening, and the pocket clip keeps the knife securely by your side, ready at a moment's notice. 📌
The slip joint mechanism is a nod to traditional knife design, providing a simple and effective lockup that is easy to operate, making the Bear & Son Large Slip Joint a reliable tool for everyday tasks. Boxed and ready for adventure, this knife is not just a piece of cutlery—it's an essential part of your daily kit.
For those who refuse to compromise on quality or style, the Bear & Son Large Slip Joint is the ultimate choice. Whether you're opening packages, cutting rope, or simply admiring its beauty, this knife is sure to impress. Add it to your collection and carry a piece of craftsmanship and confidence in your pocket. 🌟


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