You've found the best knife sharpening in Madison, let us make you feel like a chef in your own home.

Your knife will be carefully sharpened by hand using waterstones to create an extremely sharp edge.

If you desire to have it done, the bevel of the knife can have a near-mirror finish that looks striking in addition to performing at it's best. 

Here's a short list of everything that can be sharpened. Serrated knives, kitchen shears, Japanese single-bevel knives, fabric shears, filet knives, axes, hatchets, chisels and pocket knives.

There's no better knife sharpening in Madison than Sharp On Sight. Get precision sharpening done for all of your cutlery.

We make it easy to drop off your knives and have them back the same day. Drop off at your convenience and we'll take care of the rest. 

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