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Drop Off Service

Drop Off Service

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Please drop off your knives at our convenient location: 215 E Main Street, Sun Prairie

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Next Day Sharpening

If you're not in immediate need of your knife sharpening service, no worries! Simply drop off your knives, and I'll get in touch with you …

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- Each Knife Under 8"

Same Day Sharpening

If you're in need of a quick knife sharpening service and can't wait, we've got you covered! Our expedited same-day sharpening ensures …

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- Each Knife Under 8"

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Sharpening Services In Sun Prairie

Sharp On Sight has been recognized as one of the only precision sharpeners in the Madison area and I offer a wide variety of sharpening services.

Specializing in water stone sharpening, resetting proper cutting angles, removing surface rust, and skilled disassembly maintenance work for folding pocket knives.

Years ...

It would be a real shame if you didn't have the same cutting experience with your knives as all those professionals do.

Hi, I'm Kevin. I have always been fascinated by knives, their designs, and their capabilities. I believe that a good knife is a tool that can make cooking, carving, and other tasks so much easier and enjoyable. However, I also know that a dull or damaged knife can ruin the experience, causing frustration, waste, ...


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Sun Prairie, Madison, Waunakee, Deforest, Windsor, Cottage Grove, Monona, Verona, Middleton